Why should you upgrade to IPv6?

Why should you upgrade to IPv6? You might be wondering. The world is moving towards dual internet protocol. The coexistence between IPv4 and IPv6 will be there for many years to come, but you have to make the right decision today and move to IPv6. The advantages offered by IPv6 are enormous as compared to IPv4. The limited number of IPv4 addresses makes it unreliable and will eventually be hard and expensive to acquire? Here are some of the reasons why you need to upgrade today:

Less IPv4 Resources

So, why should you upgrade to IPv6? In 1994, the Internet Engineering Task Force saw that the 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses won’t be enough. This led to the creation of IPv6. The regional internet registries that parcel out IP addresses is now giving out their last IPv4 addresses. This has forced some internet registries like the Asia Pacific Network Information Center to run out of the IPv4 addresses. It will hard to use the available IPv4 resources.

This will definitely affect your growth. At the moment, the IPv4 might serve all your needs. However, the need for more IP addresses will limit your operations. The 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses will not be able to meet the increased demand for every gadget that needs to be connected to the internet. With the 128-bit address space, it is approximated that the IPv6 will be able to support more than 300 trillion IP addresses.

Many Unhappy Clients

By using IPv4, you may think that your clients are not affected. Clients who are using virtual private networks will be able to use your services using IPv4. This is one of the reasons why should you upgrade to IPv6? The IPv6 have new features that enable developers to design apps that are fast, but will be slow when using IPv4. The last thing you need is your clients discovering that they cannot access these new features because you did not upgrade to IPv6.

You might end up paying more in the future, just to acquire IPv4 addresses of which you have to pass down the extra cost to your clients. The control that regional internet registries are adapting when they are offering IPv4 block will mean increasing your business resources in acquiring more of these addresses. The option of buying excess block addresses from other companies is slowly diminishing. As this option diminishes, so will the price per address block increase.

Why should you upgrade to IPv6?

In Concluding: Why should you upgrade to IPv6?

It is inevitable that the IPv4 will become obsolete. As much as it is useful today in your business, it will not be able to sustain your future business growth. The increasing number of gadgets that need to be connected to the internet will triple or quadruple in the near future, hence using all the available 4.3 billion IP addresses. The IPv6 offers a solution that will make it possible for businesses to run smoothly without worrying about the IP addresses available. With IPv6 you will satisfy your clients’ needs while at the same time save some money because it is free. Upgrade to IPv6 today.