When Will IPv6 Be Important?

When will IPv6 be important? Well, the answer is that it is actually in use now and has been since 2012. The Internet Protocol Version 6 is employed to carry packets of data across networks from a source to a destination. It is an upgraded version of IPv4, and the transition will slowly take place over several years. Currently, both of the protocols are being used in parallel. However, some Internet applications and content are only available for IPv6, so now is the time to consider the change.

How Does IPv6 Work?

When will IPv6 be important? The most obvious answer is right now, as IPv4 has run out of its 4.3 billion IP addresses. Today, just about everyone and everything is connected to the Internet. With our phones, tablets and PCs all requiring addresses, we have used up all of the resources. IPv6, on the other hand, is capable of providing us with more than 340 undecillion (340 trillion trillion trillion) new IP addresses.

Developed over two decades, IPv6 has the capability to allow every single device to have a unique address. Nearly all Internet users have an IP address, which is assigned to the router connecting to the service provider. This router then issues more addresses for any devices that attach to it. It continually monitors the devices and traffic and then translates the internal IP address to the normal one, to communicate over the Internet.

How Do I Change To IPv6?

So now you have the question “when will IPv6 be important?” answered, you will probably want to know what to do. New devices will move directly to IPv6 and avoid any current connectivity issues. The vast majority of older devices are not compatible with IPv6, which is why the two systems are currently running simultaneously. Your IPv4 device will continue to work, however, the subject should remain on your radar.

If you do want to change, then the first thing to do is contact your Internet Service Provider and ask if they support IPv6. Most good companies do, providing both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses simultaneously. This means that you can try it out and still have IPv4 support for sites that have not yet changed. If you have modern WiFi, then the process can be as simple as configuring your router and laptop to get IPv6 working at home.

When will IPv6 be important? Right now!

More Benefits Of IPv6

IPv6 will shortly be the only option for new hosts and devices, bringing a whole range of benefits. It will simplify data and speed up transmissions, as it handles packets much more efficiently and eliminates the address issues which are common with IPv4. It allows streamlined communications and connections for all kinds of devices. IPv6 has also been built with advanced protection in mind, using encryption and checking packet integrity. This means that it provides high-level VPN-like security for all your Internet traffic.